Monday, 4 January 2010

Falling in Love shoul be like Polaroids

I do still believe in love at first sign…

I always thought that maybe,every day you could fall in love at first sign but somehow it’s totally up to you if that really worth it. In my case I have to say that the latest crushes I’ve been through was a first sighn,I dont know what the hell wrong with that shit but you know…shit happens!!.But for me i dont know how to described it but its kinds the perfect picture in all ways that determinates what feels about this person.

It’s exactly like a frozen time,this reminds me like that awesome and inmortal scene form The Big Fish movie when Edward falls in love with his future wife,everything just stopped and he only could have eyes for his love.

Amazing…now I got a terrible dejavu and i got to say it’s a recent one, but move on;I just wondering if someday that ever gonna happens to me,because i promise i will be eyes wide open and just a note for myself:remind me bring a camera all the time with me,you never knows when you shoot a special polaroid.

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