Friday, 24 September 2010

I can't change my mold, no, no, no, no, no

I love this song! and of course this movie,as well.But I have to speak my mind for a sec,who else did notice that Ryan Phillipe in this movie looked a little bit gay...don't get me wrong,I love Ryan but to me he definitely looked gay.
Anyways,This song is like life itself, i can't explain but when i here this song i just want to fly over the world or scream everything i can.
I can't explain it , it something special.
I can change
First opening lyrics literally just sums up life in itself and how cool but yet how sad it is to live it regardless of who or what you are. This song is timeless and one of my all time faves ever. Couple that with Cruel intentions the fuilm and you have a kick ass music video. :D Maybe at some point I'm going to have to attempt a FiestaOnline music video using this soundtrack.
This could be my wedding song,who knows,if one day I'm getting married.

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