Thursday, 2 December 2010

30 Seconds to Mars "HURRICANE" (Uncensored)

I'm still confused on what it means but it i VERY creative :D Loved Jared Leto shirtless
Here is what Jared says about it:"I really was just following my creative muse and this is where it led me, to make a film that explores some of the things that usually live in the darker corners of our universe and our psyche"

However that is only the meaning of the overall video. I don' know the meaning or significance of each scene or action, you know? 30stm is a very cryptic band...who knows if we will figure this one out ;)

edit- I just rewatched the video, and this is how I interpreted one of the scenes: So Jared can't defeat one of the Gimps at first, towards the vid's beginning. But then Jared walks through the streets & sees all the kids doing chalk graffiti, which may represent the Echelon spreading 30stm on the street (You know how people put triangle stickers everywhere etc). 30stm symbolism appears all over Jared's body also.Then when Jared & the Gimp have their 3rd confrontation, Jared has the 30stm symbolism all over him, and this time he DOES succeed in fighting the Gimp, he's stronger, and I think maybe it represents 30stm's love and commitment to their fans. 30st is the best band I know of when it comes to appreciating fans so I think this fits!

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